Our Mission is:

  • Equip and empower the churchVision
  • Train and develop leaders
  • Raise up nationals to their full potential
  • Extend the Kingdom through multiplication
  • Empower women in their roles, potential, and God-given image
  • Develop and implement the talents of the national and foreign missionaries
  • Globally mobilize the Body of Christ through strategic partnerships

Our Vision:

Every Day Ministries exists to transform communities through empowering the church.

Foundational Values:

valuesGod, People, and Ministry are the three components that make up the core of our foundational values. These foundational values are the principles by which we have guided our ministry both in the past and for future growth. We hold these values in high regard. They determine how we direct the ministry, how we live, and how we make decisions both on a daily basis as well as for the future.

Our goal is to protect and uphold these values throughout the years of influence of Every Day Ministries so that generations to come will be impacted and empowered for the Kingdom of God.

  1. Hearing the Voice of God
    Being entrusted with the mandate of EDM, we rely on God and the Holy Spirit. Therefore, hearing from God for wisdom, revelation, and the direction of the ministry is of utmost importance.
  2. Living by Faith
    The birth and development of EDM began with a step of faith and reliance on God. Acts of faith please the Lord. Living by faith means we step out before we know how it will all turn out.
  3. Life of Surrender
    We value being strategically proactive, to be purposeful, and ultimately surrendered to God's will in order to please Him. We value being spiritually passionate and perseverant; not just being busy. God is the one who directs the ministry of EDM.
  4. Value of People
    People are the heart and soul of our ministry. We serve with eternal motives rather than ministry tasks alone. We desire to see people empowered to do self-initiated strategic missions.
  5. Culture of Honor
    We believe honor involves holding true to our word and following through on our commitments. In brotherly love, we are called to respect and honor one another,  and submit to governing and ministerial authorities all while presenting ourselves with authenticity as an ambassador of Jesus Christ.
  6. Multiplication
    We value ministry initiatives that will multiply the efforts and laborers of the Great Commission.
  7. Empowerment of Vision
    We are called to be visionary as a ministry, receiving fresh revelation from God. Our goal is to release others into their anointing. We value the potential of people and provide the conduit for them to utilize and launch their dreams.
  8. Pioneering
    EDM is a ministry which continues to impact through pioneering in new areas, new ministries, new methods, and is willing to step out of the norm to reach all generations and every sphere of society. We thrive on pioneering.
  9. Holiness
    We strive to model our lives in a Biblical manner that would please God and lead others to Jesus. We desire to partner with individuals, ministries, and organizations that would seek the same.
  10. Prayer
    We value prayer as the foundation of missions and a vital weapon of spiritual warfare. We are committed to creating with God through listening to Him, praying His prayers and obeying His commands no matter how great or how small. This is a vital part of our process for making decisions.

Featured Projects

Join Every Day Ministries as we equip and empower national leaders. Invest in a featured project. Provide needed resources and training; and you will multiply the efforts and impact of the influencers.


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