Training the Trainers

Every Day Ministries’ mission is to equip and empower national pastors to fulfill the call that God has set before them. We “train the trainers”, who then mobilize the church. We are a ministry of multiplication.

A strategic approach is taken in training, development of the subject matter, as well as where we bring training. There are smaller group settings which are focused on the pastors’ ministerial, city-level seminars, as well as large scale multi-province leadership conferences. We are committed to see the church equipped and empowered to take the Gospel to this nation and the nations of the world.

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Cement and Mortar

Building the church involves physical construction as well as spiritual edification. EDM has the opportunity to partner with national pastors to build places of worship for their congregation that provide a safe, dry, and comfortable place to gather. Construction projects take the form of painting, pouring and finishing a floor, adding a roof or even complete construction.

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Connect Volunteers Globally

Volunteers are world­ changers. You are a world changer. Help people in desperation by using what is in your hands and connecting with the world around you that is in need. Mission teams made up of people just like you, join forces with Every Day Ministries for a week to aid local churches and communities through construction, outreach, ministry, evangelism and community development. Together we can make a difference.

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Deborah Generation

Deborah Generation

"Deborah Generation" was founded in response to the Lord’s prompting for the next phase of development of women in leadership. “Deborah Generation” not only empowers women in leadership of the Dominican Republic, but also gives them opportunity through this ministry to impact women of all ages in this nation. We are seeing a generation of godly women leaders whose personal lives, marriages, and ministries are strengthened. They are changing their nation by impacting the lives around them.

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Empowerment through Education

Biblical knowledge is paramount to teaching and training others in the Word. For those called into the ministry, it can be a challenge to find opportunity to receive formal Bible training. Within the country of the Dominican Republic, there are few seminaries. It is close to impossible for many individuals who seek Bible training to attend as it would require them to physically move and/or leave their employment. This is not feasible for the majority of the people. EDM has responded to the need.

We believe that God works through the local church, with God’s shepherds and pastors being the key to a massive mobilization of Bible School training. Every Day Ministries partners with ISOM (International School of Ministry) to bring Bible Institutes to the local church where the pastor then runs and oversees the Institute.  Students attend a fourteen month program and graduate with an Associate’s Degree in Biblical Studies.

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Featured Projects

Join Every Day Ministries as we equip and empower national leaders. Invest in a featured project. Provide needed resources and training; and you will multiply the efforts and impact of the influencers.


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