Pastor Natalie"This ministry, Every Day Ministries, has impacted my life more in one week than any other ministry. They operate in integrity, love, joy, peace, patience and every other fruit the Bible speaks about. This ministry impacts the Dominicans in so many ways, yet they also impact those that come from other places to help in the mission. Our lives will never be the same because of their obedience to the one that our lives are all about...Jesus Christ! Thank you from the bottom of our heart!"

Pastor Natalie
Associate Pastor
North Carolina 

Pastor Travis“Every Day Ministries and the work they do here in the Dominican Republic have deeply impacted our church. Every team member has grown spiritually on this mission trip and will be forever changed. As the pastor, I know that the experiences EDM has given us to minister here will undoubtedly impact the future of our church and give it God’s global perspective for missions. I wholeheartedly recommend to any other pastors and churches to bring their groups down here to the DR and see with your own eyes the OUTSTANDING ministry the Larson’s are heading. I promise that you and your church group will never be the same! Every Day Ministries not only deserves the support it gets but can be trusted to advance the Kingdom of God in the Dominican Republic."

Pastor Travis
Senior Pastor


Two pastors share their Every Day Ministries mission trip experience and it's impact.

They came with a heart to be a blessing to the people of the Dominican Republic. They accomplished amazing things for the Kingdom of God. Together their impact was multiplied.

While they were here, their team members were impacted, the pastors themselves were blessed; and they know that what they have experienced will impact those back home as well.

A few quotes from the video:

" It refreshes your perspective of how essential missions is."....."you will be impacted personally as a Pastor, the folks you bring down will be impacted...

Pastor Dean & Pastor Dave
Senior Pastors
Minnesota & Illinios

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