Compassion Fund



Compassion FundWe are all in this together. EDM’s Compassion Fund has the objective of responding to a personal crisis or emergency of those we minister alongside.

The people of the Dominican Republic encounter family emergencies, personal crisis, and medical emergencies like everyone else. This difference is that the programs and forms of support others have around the world, do not necessarily exist in the DR. Yes, the people here have one another and family is of utmost importance. Relationships are valued. However, when everyone else around you is in the same financial situation there is no where to turn but to a high percentage rate loan or go without the medicine, or medical care you need, etc...

If we join hands and decide to make a difference, we can witness lives being empowered. Be a sponsor of the Compassion Fund. Help EDM respond to emergency situations of those we minister to and those who minister with us. There are numerous pastors and their families who have had medical emergencies and been unable to pay because they don’t have the emergency funds available. At times our missionaries and staff have needs such as an abscessed tooth must be extracted, emergency surgery is needed, their home has been flooded and they have lost everything. These type of situations have led some to financial ruin. This is not God’s plan. This is not how the Kingdom operates. We stand together. We are brothers and sisters in Christ. Let’s hold each other up.

Donate to the Compassion Fund and know that we personally screen the need, the situation, and respond in a way that will empower. Donate


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