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Every Day Ministries invites YOU, your church, youth group, family members, organization and friends to join us for a one-week mission experience. Partner with EDM to share Jesus through a variety of different types of ministry and serving opportunities.

We desire to implement your God-given gifts and talents to make an impact on eternity. We will strategically match the skills and interests of the team with the current needs of a local pastor and community to best meet the needs of the people.

Typical team activities include the following: community outreach, evangelism, children’s ministry, pastoral and leadership training, health awareness seminar, women’s ministry, construction, sports ministry, and/or public school assemblies.

Every Day Ministries works hard to provide a positive mission experience for all. We provide training, food, lodging, scheduling and staff. We take care of as many of the logistics that we possibly can so that you can be well prepared, come, learn, serve, minister, and receive in a powerful and effective manner.

Come to be a blessing, and find that you return home having received a blessing as well!

Testimony of Mission Team Experience:

“My trip to the Dominican Republic was a complete life changer for me. To see the lives that were changed, the work that was done, the homes we were welcomed into all made me take another look at my own life. What are we here for?

We believe in what EDM is doing to help the Dominican people thrive. It isn't Americans coming and teaching them American ways. The team mission is to empower the people of that land to do and be all God has for them. What a privilege to be part of this ministry.

We got up close and personal with amazing signs of God. Jesus did some amazing things in the lives of the Dominican people as well as our team members.

We worked hard but we had fun built into our visit as well. God blessed all of our efforts and time and before you know it the week was over. Thank you to all who made this such a great experience.

Kathie P.

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