Deborah Generation



“Deborah Generation” desires to empower women now and in the future; this takes an investment and it is a process. Our focus begins with the women pastors and the pastors' wives because when you empower the leaders you affect the multitudes. They in turn are the ones reaching out to other women. We watch them grow as spiritual mothers, intercessors, wise counselors and spiritual warriors.

Not only do we desire to see their personal growth, but also growth in the circle of ladies within a community. Women need the support of other wise women who understand them and their lives. Building community amongst the women in leadership produces unity. Praying together brings breakthrough. Having times of fellowship allows for opportunities to bond and mentor. Teaching on the Word and holding conferences permits a time for God to speak to them without the distractions and demands of life.

We host an annual retreat, numerous day-long conferences, prayer meetings, worship gatherings, and fellowship activities. We also host city-wide conferences for the ladies of their communities. Lives are being changed.

Pastor Evelyn shares her experience: “This ministry has been extraordinary for us. In the past it was not customary for the pastors to meet together, and this wonderful ministry has made our fraternal relationship grow and been the inspiration for our working together. In our spiritual life this ministry has produced a great growth. It has motivated us to be spiritual warriors and to understand the important role of pastors' wives, which was often left unrecognized.”
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