Building the Church in La Cuaba


La-Cuaba-Church2 In the rural community of La Cuaba, Pastor Geraldo and his congregation are called to minister to the area’s many children. Every Day Ministries desires to partner with Pastor Geraldo to fulfill the vision God has given them to better meet both the spiritual and physical needs of the local people.

Pastor Geraldo and his church own a building that they use to minister to and feed over 300 children at an after-school program every week from Monday - Friday. But the building is not big enough to hold Sunday worship services. God has given Pastor Geraldo and his church a vision to build a 2nd floor on the building in order to hold both children's ministry and church services in the same building instead of renting on Sundays. Will you prayerfully consider partnering with us to see this church building completed?

Update: Completed

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