New Form of Transportation



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We are shifting our form of transportation for our ministry endeavors and teams. For the last eight years in Nagua we have traveled by an open-air truck. Our visitors can attest to the fact that traveling at night and in the rain can be challenging on an open-air truck; although they were champs with great attitudes. For that season, the truck was fitting. However, as we expand and travel greater distances, we need enclosed transportation.

Please help us raise the necessary funds for the purchase of a gently used van and trailer in the DR. We need a total of $29,500 U.S. for the purchase. We have raised $21,000. The deficit: $8,500. We are looking for ambassadors who would do fundraisers and supporters who will donate to our van fund! Contact us today to learn how you can help. All gifts are tax-deductible.

Need: $8,500 (FULFILLED!)

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