Bible Institute Has New Format



Bible Institute Has New Format

Recently we celebrated the graduation of our third class from the EDM Bible Institute. Thus far we have graduated 153 students. It is a privilege to sow into the Biblical knowledge of God's servants. Our next step involves a new direction for Bible Institutes, which will result in a  greater multiplication effect to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ. EDM will partner with ISOM (International School of Ministry) to launch Bible Institutes which are directed and operated by the local pastors. God has blessed us with a connection to ISOM's coordinator for the Dominican Republic, Rick Sucher. Pictured is an informative meeting for both pastors who are interested and students who would like to attend. We look forward to sowing into the lives of the people in a new way to equip, empower, and encourage.

ISOM is a church-based training program that can now be found in over 14,000 locations, 142 nations and in about 65 of the world’s major languages.  ISOM uses some of the greatest Christian teachers in the world and is designed to help pastors turn their churches into high-quality ministry training centers. ISOM is committed to bring balanced, full Gospel teaching and training to those in need around the world.

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