Every Day Ministries Has Expanded

EDM is expanding Every Day Ministries has expanded to the south coast. Our ministry center is newly located in the Capitol, Santo Domingo. However, several associate missionaries are still residing in Nagua where we ministered for over 10 years. To maintain connection with the north coast, we have a network of eleven pastors who work across the north coast who represent EDM in their areas of influence. In Santo Domingo, we are currently making connections with Pastoral Associations, business leaders, and...

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Make a Joyful Noise

make a joyful noise We are blessed with a worship team who's desire to glorify God blesses all who participate in any EDM ministry event. As we continue to minister throughout the country, we need some new music equipment. We need to replace our bass amp and electric keyboard. Our bass amp has been repaired several times and it is now unrepairable. Sadly enough, when we have ministry events our bass player cannot participate in this worship team role. He attends and is good support to the team, but we are...

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New Form of Transportation

boat on a beach We are shifting our form of transportation for our ministry endeavors and teams. For the last eight years in Nagua we have traveled by an open-air truck. Our visitors can attest to the fact that traveling at night and in the rain can be challenging on an open-air truck; although they were champs with great attitudes. For that season, the truck was fitting. However, as we expand and travel greater distances, we need enclosed transportation. Please help us raise the necessary funds for the...

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Bible Institute Has New Format

Bible Institute Has New Format Recently we celebrated the graduation of our third class from the EDM Bible Institute. Thus far we have graduated 153 students. It is a privilege to sow into the Biblical knowledge of God's servants. Our next step involves a new direction for Bible Institutes, which will result in a greater multiplication effect to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ. EDM will partner with ISOM (International School of Ministry) to launch Bible Institutes which are directed and operated by the local...

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apartment Life is always sure to bring change. EDM is elated to announce the new apartment which will house the ministry life of EDM in the Dominican Republic. This location will provide accommodations to visiting teams, pastors, and business leaders. It is the center of office activity and local meetings with various leaders and missionaries. We have had positive reviews from both the nationals as well as visiting team members. Change is growth and growth is change.

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Practical Things

IMG 9760 We dream, we pray, we plan, we work, we minister and all of this is part of the next phase. Every Day Ministries needs to travel to new geographical areas to expand the influence and outreach of EDM. However, today we are in the midst of the practical things. Our sound equipment has endured years of service and travel, and it is time to acquire a new sound board and speakers. We are searching for new or “gently used” equipment. We desire that the ministry of EDM is directed by the Holy...

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Things are Changing

Blog ThingsAreChanging The church project in Los Limones is moving forward! Sixty-eight bags of cement for smooth coating walls, and pouring a platform and church floor. Five truckloads of fill and sand. New roof. Endless buckets of water for mixing. Twenty-two people working together to accomplish the task at hand. Everyone investing as one heart to make a difference in the community for the Kingdom of God. It was a great week! Find out how you can invest to finish this project on our ministry project page!

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Life Is An Echo

“Life is an echo. What you send out, comes back. What you sow, you reap. What you give, you get. What you see in others, exists in you. Remember, life is an echo. It always gets back to you. So give goodness." This is a quote I recently found whose author is anonymous. It certainly resonates in our hearts as we seek God's face for ways to impact this time in history, in this place, for the Kingdom of God. We have been meeting with our new missionaries and talking about the very...

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Women in Leadership Gather

women of destiny eventIMG 0766 - Version 4Women in leadership gathered together for a "Deborah Generation" event where they strengthened their community of women. We discussed the variety of needs that women of all ages face and the challenges they encounter. We discussed, as women of influence, what we could do to be a part of the solution. Together we went deeper into our identity of who we are in Christ and that is when they began to see obstacles as opportunities for the Lord. The women in leadership of these communities...

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